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Cl. 26 #69-76 • 16th Floor

Cl. 26 Elemento Business Center

Strategically located on 26th Street, Owlo is 10 minutes from El Dorado Airport, close to the main hotel chains, restaurants and banks.
The corridor of the 26 is one of the highest development points of the city, has Transmilenio, and is also very close to the center of the city.

Cra. 14 #93-68 Parque 93 • 6th & 7th Floors

Cortezza 93 Business Center

Located in the Parque de la 93, Owlo 93 is in the heart of the business district, among numerous restaurants and bars; It is in one of the most desired areas of the city

Cra 7 # 120 - 20 • 3rd & 5th Floors

Plaza Usaquén Business Center

Ubicado en la zona norte de la ciudad, Owlo se encuentra inmerso en Usaquen, un ecosistema de negocios integrado con teleport, Boho y restaurantes que hacen de esta ubicación un referente de negocios, gastronómico y turismo.



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